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Are you going to be your loved one’s personal representative? Would you like to close your loved one’s estate with minimum stress and without worrying about being held personally liable?

If the answer is yes, call 612-206-3701 now to set up a No-Further-Obligation Low-Stress Probate Case Evaluation in Plain English with the experienced attorneys at Lucēre Legal. The evaluation usually takes about an hour.

Minnesota Probate

Probate is a legal process for paying any taxes or debts owed by the estate, distributing the remaining estate assets, and legally closing the case so that you can’t be held personally liable for anything that happened in the probate process.

In our consultation, we’ll go over the probate process as it applies to your case, discuss the time and expense involved, and outline the next steps toward closing the estate without unnecessary stress.

  • You’ll get a sense of how long your particular case is likely to take, and how much it could cost.
  • You’ll find out how to avoid personal liability in settling the estate. The personal representative or executor can be held personally responsible if the correct steps are not followed in the correct order.
  • We’ll go over the Will in plain English so you understand what it says. If there’s no Will, we’ll discuss how the estate is likely to be distributed under the law.
  • We’ll explore which probate process is best for your case. Choosing the wrong process can lead to lots of wasted time and money.

With a probate consultation, you’ll also get our Personal Representative’s Guide that we give to all our probate clients. And you’ll get our Probate Inventory and Assessment Form to help you determine the value of the estate. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we want you to know what you need to know from the start.

Call 612-206-3701 now for your probate consultation.

Probate can be a complicated, confusing, and time-consuming process, and your duties can be overwhelming. Having the process opened up and explained can help clear away the stress, confusion, and overwhelm.

Call us …
– if you’re worried about how much the probate process will cost;
– if you’re concerned about how long the probate process will take;
– if you’re not sure if you really need an attorney;
– if you’re worried about doing probate wrong and want to find out how to meet your responsibilities safely and correctly;
– if you’re not sure which probate process is right for your case.

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We Have Experience With…

Minnesota Informal Probate

The informal probate process is available in certain cases, and in those cases the probate is conducted outside of the court process. 

Minnesota Formal Unsupervised Probate

A formal unsupervised probate case is brought before the court, unlike an informal probate, but the personal representative doesn’t have to get court approval in advance of taking action.

Minnesota Formal Supervised Probate

A formal supervised probate requires that the personal representative get court approval before taking certain actions. This can be requested by someone in the case or it can be independently ordered by the judge.

Minnesota Probate Litigation

Sometimes families have a reason to fight over the estate, like when someone thinks the person named as the personal representative shouldn’t be appointed, or when someone thinks the estate should be distributed differently. In those cases, the probate becomes contested and gets handled like a litigation lawsuit, often leading to a trial.

Minnesota Affidavit for Collection of Property

In cases where the person owned no real estate and had less than $75,000 in total assets, their estate can often be handled outside of the probate process using the Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property.

Our Approach & Philosophy

We believe that the value to the client should exceed the price, and how can you as the client decide if the value exceeds the price if we tell you that we charge $x per hour but we can’t tell you how long it will take? You can’t. That’s why we have a no-surprises flat-fee pricing model for uncontested probates of all kinds.

Where there are contested cases, we have options that allow you to know and budget in advance what your litigation costs will be on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In many cases, the costs of probate, like attorneys fees, are paid by the estate. Knowing what those costs will be can help you know what you can expect to receive at the end.

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